1When was RE/MAX founded?

Dave and Gail Liniger founded RE / MAX in Denver, Colorado in 1973, driven by discontent for the real estate system at the time. Today, RE / MAX has more than 140,000 agents in over 125 countries, and is recognized worldwide for its red, white, blue balloon logo. The streamlined management system means anticipating problems, and decisions are implemented quickly and efficiently so that you and your agents can benefit from selling property.

2What does the RE/MAX business model look like?

RE/MAX has been designed from the outset to help you grow your business. Over the past five decades,

RE/MAX has developed systems and resources for business growth, including:

Well-known global brand

Training and education on request

Global system for generating leads

State-of-the-art technology

These valuable resources become available to you from day one at RE / MAX, allowing you to attract and retain valuable and motivated agents from the very beginning. The RE / MAX agents in your office share operating costs and instead keep more of what they earn, while enjoying access to powerful tools to grow their own customer database. As the RE / MAX model attracts top manufacturers, business owners and managers spend less time adapting to training and more time for guidance and recruitment. The performance inspires and establishes an energetic work environment.

3Can I alienate my franchise license and business?

It is a standard procedure in franchises. Any possible transaction with your RE / MAX business must be approved by RE / MAX Romania.

4Does the licensing system require previous experience in real estate?

No, in fact we have many successful franchised offices without any previous experience in real estate, as we have former real estate professionals. Everything you need to know about real estate can be found in the RE / MAX system. However, a previous experience in real estate business could help you organize your business in a shorter time, due to already existing contacts up to potential prospects.

5What is the royalty required in the real way?

The amount of the initial capital may vary depending on the city, as well as the volume and complexity of the office match. Realistically, you will need about 11.990 EUR +TVA for the initial fee. The figures consist of the following components:

Brand and know-how
Testing the concept
Protected logo
Franchise education package = 200 hours of training included
Package of working materials (contracts, forms, records, etc.)
Marketing materials: logo, header, banner design, maps, posters, business cards, roll-ups etc.
The Agent's Manual
Agent's Workbook
Broker Owner's Manual
Brand Handbook
Contracts and legal materials
Continuous consultancy from signature to business start
Design Center - unlimited access to generate marketing materials
The European intranet and collaboration platform

6What is the duration of my franchise contract?

The duration of the contract is five years.

7What royalties need to be paid?

The fee structure will be discussed in a personal meeting.

8What areas are available at this time?

Please contact a RE/MAX Franchise Sales Consultant.

9Will you help me launch my business?

Yes. We will assist and advise you throughout the process of launching the new business. Our experience and specific marketing tools will ensure the successful launch of your business.

10What kind of operational support is being provided to the franchisee?

An experienced team provides support and provides access to the entire RE/MAX experience to build your business.

11What kind of education is offered?

Through the RE / MAX Academy, you receive a wide variety of courses for both you as a Broker / Owner and your agents. Today the RE / MAX Academy offers an extensive education program. More than 1,200 educational videos are available 24/7. Through the RE / MAX Academy, we provide over 100 educational materials to brokers and agents.

12Do you need to work full time in the business?

We believe that all the attention is needed to build a successful office. This could be covered by the franchisee or a manager of his choice.

13Can I see a copy of the franchise agreement before signing?

The franchise agreement will be discussed with you in detail. After signing the confidentiality agreement, we will discuss the contract personally.

Fiecare birou francizat RE/MAX e deținut și operat independent.