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This is why we decided in 2013 to take over the regional management and we are fully committed to this vision. Moreover, for Romania we wish to have 110 franchise offices and over 1,000 affiliated agents by 2023. RE / MAX Romania was born in 2006. With the takeover of the regional management, in 2013, our intention was to develop the RE / MAX network on much healthier principles, as it works successfully in the more than 115 countries in which they are affiliated. over 140,000 agents. For all RE / MAX Romania members we prepare a solid package of benefits and benefits, mainly being:

  • Brand
  • Network
  • Support
RE/MAX history
  • Dave and Gail Liniger set up RE/MAX International, with only one office open in Denver, Colorado

  • Walter J. Schneider and Frank J. Polzer bring RE/MAX to Europe, with offices in Spain, Israel and Italy

  • RE/MAX arrives in Romania, begins to develop the network at national level

  • The regional management of RE / MAX Romania is taken over by Răzvan and Ramona Cuc

  • RE/MAX Europe reaches 17,000 agencies, and RE / MAX Romania has more than 20 offices

  • Launch of the E-learning platform for RE/MAX members

  • RE/MAX in the Republic of Moldova

  • We have reached the goal of 10,000,000 commissions generated

  • Digital Bidding Platform - Imobid

  • 100% Exclusive working mode

RE/MAX in Romania
The franchise with the largest extension

We are proud to be present in +20 cities across the country with over 50 offices. This is how we provide quality services to clients and allow access to real estate resources that are not available elsewhere. When you choose RE / MAX you have the support of our worldwide network and the evidence is in the results. No one in the world sells more real estate than RE / MAX! Romania has huge potential for the real estate consulting market, and the RE / MAX strategy is perfectly suited to developing a strong network of agents and offices here - as it has done in dozens of other countries in Europe and around the world. RE / MAX offices are true "real estate factories" that grow their business from one year to the next throughout Europe and across the globe. For an entrepreneur it is a real opportunity - a "turnkey" business with minimal investment, without the need for stocks that can reach huge values, without wage costs, with a fast growth potential. Our development plan for Romania targets 110 franchised offices and over 1,000 RE / MAX affiliated agents by 2023 and is based on providing full support for our agents and franchisees, in education, technology, promotion and branding, generating the highest performance. and entrepreneurial business environment in this industry.





RE/MAX International

RE / MAX has become a world leader in real estate with more than 140,000 affiliated agents and 8.300 agencies in 115 countries, after 50 years of continuous growth, from a single office opened in 1973 in Denver, Colorado. Our agents are the strongest sales force in the world. Through their efforts, we have made it possible to say that no one in the world sells more real estate than RE / MAX. RE / MAX International, the franchisor of the global RE / MAX network, is led by its founders, Dave and Gail Liniger, who created this network by encouraging real estate agents to grow their own business. The system is still based on attracting productive agents. , offering them valuable support, incredible brand awareness, educational opportunities and other competitive advantages. Growth and success were not limited to North America. International expansion exploded in the 1990s, with the launch of RE / MAX Europe in 1995.


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years of continuous growth

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RE/MAX Europa

In 1995 Walter J. Schneider and Frank J. Polzler bring the hot air balloon over the ocean. A year later, under the sign RE / MAX, offices in Spain, Israel and Italy begin to appear. Currently, RE / MAX supports over 30,000 real estate agents at European level in over 40 regions. With RE / MAX you are in your business, but not by yourself! The experience of the last 27 years has helped us to develop a clear picture of the success factors of the real estate industry. Today we can say that at RE / MAX we do things differently. Our mission, vision and purpose are built on this principle. All we do within RE / MAX is to support our Broker / Owners, agents and clients so that they get the best results.




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Values ​​and philosophy

The purpose of the RE/MAX franchise system is to provide a set of tools, standards and services to support the top manufacturers in the real estate industry. Whether or not you have experience in real estate, everything we do is dedicated to developing and supporting you to become the real estate expert your clients need. With RE/MAX you are in business for yourself but not by yourself! The experience of the last 47 years has helped us to develop a clear picture of the success factors in the real estate industry. Today we can say that at RE/MAX we do things differently. Our mission, vision and purpose are all built on this principle. Everything we do within RE/MAX supports our Broker / Owners, agents and clients, so that they get the best results possible.

Code of ethics

The ethical code is intended to promote the professional ethical activity of RE / MAX real estate organization. All the regional directors, franchisees and sales associates of RE / MAX Europe are bound by the provisions of this code of ethics and have committed themselves to respect such provisions as well as the spirit of this code of ethics. The Code of Ethics transposes the conduct of RE / MAX associates with regard to transactions in general, customer relations and other real estate agents, sales people, including other RE / MAX associates, and the hope of RE / MAX Europe is this ethical code will guide all RE / MAX associations to operate in such a way as to enhance the RE / MAX organization's reputation and to ensure the public and other industry's perception of RE / MAX as the most professional, qualified, skilled and knowledgeable real estate organization success.


The mission of RE/MAX Romania is to provide tools, standards and services for the top producers in the real estate industry, so that they can position themselves as local real estate experts and become the first choice of clients. We promote the exclusive representation in trading, as well as the collaboration between Broker / Owners and agents, for maximum efficiency in satisfying customers - as the engine of success in real estate.


RE / MAX Romania's vision is to become the leader of real estate consultancy, changing the way in which our properties are traded in the country, as part of a global success.

Fiecare birou francizat RE/MAX e deținut și operat independent.